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Solitary History

JULY 1994

Solitary are formed by Richard Sherrington with other founder member David Herbert, after four months of solid rehearsing, song writing and various conflicts they play there first gig at a local pub in Preston on 4th December 1994.
MARCH 1995

Solitary record their first demo tape “Desolate” as it is recorded on a portable eight track the sound quality is poor to say the least. One or two of the tracks stand out more than the rest providing a way forward for a more defined Solitary sound.
January 1996

After a full year of gigging and song writing it was time for another demo. Due to the poor quality of the last tape “Desolate” the decision was made to record the majority of the tracks again, sadly though due to lack of funds and resources in the recording department the demo “FEAR” wasn’t much better quality than the bands last attempt.
JULY 1996

Enter new bass player Paul Mortimer and producer Pete Knight. Solitary record their first real studio demo in eleven days at Assembly line studios in Preston, originally planned as an eight track tape, it was reduced to a five song EP titled “The Human Condition” it changed and shaped the Solitary sound forging a way forward for the band.

After two months of internal turmoil things settle down again, two new members join the Solitary camp Matthew Costello replacing David Herbert on lead guitar and new drummer Jason Clark. Both of these new arrivals made a big impact on the Solitary Sound Providing a much harder precise edge as well as making major improvements in the song-writing department.

A series of gigs booked all over the north west of England builds the bands reputation and live performance to its peak. Selling over one hundred copies of “The Human Condition” they seemed unstoppable until disaster struck yet again as Jason departed due to family commitments.
APRIL 1997

A copy of “The Human Condition” was sent via an address from a Kerrang advert to Holier Than Thou records who were releasing a compilation CD, featuring various unsigned bands. This resulted in Solitary being offered their first record deal by Holier Than Thou records, they were so impressed by the songs and production of the tape they BI-passed the bands inclusion on the compilation in favour of releasing a full studio album instead. After having received rejections from Peaceville, Earache and RoadRunner Records. Solitary Took Holier Than Thou up on their offer.

Jason Clark’s replacement Anthony Cox Joins in May bringing with him new bass player Julian Heywood whom replaced former bass man Paul Mortimer. The next four months are spent gigging and rehearsing for the forthcoming album.

With the studio booked for April, Solitary part with drummer Anthony Cox, his replacement being Simon Tomlinson.
APRIL 1998

Solitary enter Assembly Line studio’s enlisting producer Pete Knight to do the honours again. Things don’t run smoothly though, bassist Julian Heywood’s wife was expecting their baby any day the pressure begins to show. Julian leaves to start life with his new family addition and new bass player Gareth Harrop joins. The album “Nothing Changes” is finished in early July the result nine blistering tracks of nineties metal.
JUNE 1998

Solitary embark on their first UK tour the highlight of the dates being London. Not because of the vast number of people who watched the band because they didn’t only about thirty people were at the show at the Braindead Club. It was made worthwhile by the attendance of former Iron Maiden singer Paul D’anio who was blown away by the bands performance.

After another successful UK tour in September. Two months later on 11th November the bands debut album is released. In December Solitary embark on another series of UK dates to promote the albums release further. Including some high profile support slots with Kill II This, Reign and Deranged from Sweden. Being new guitarist Chris Gaughan first shows with the band he was thrown in at the deep end somewhat, something which the band would learn to regret in the very near future.

Solitary’s management JMG goes to the German industry music festival Mediem in search of a worldwide release for the album. Meanwhile in the UK the press’s views on the album were nothing but favourable. Reviews in Terrorizer, Hard Rocks, Powerplay and Firefight all gave the album out standing write-ups.

Dutch record label offer the band a worldwide publishing and licensing deal. Solitary book their first hometown gig in Preston for eighteen months the venue is full to capacity. Problems with Guitarist Chris escalate further which result in him being given the red card his replacement former lead axeman Matt returns to the fold and the band start work on new material for the follow up to "Nothing Changes"

Simon’s replacement is found three hundred and sixty miles away from Preston in nineteen years old Roy Miller from Essex. Roy was the only drummer the band auditioned it was clear to the band that he was the perfect replacement for Simon

Just under twelve months after the album is released, the biggest test to the bands stability arises. Roxson the Dutch label goes bust meaning the release of the album worldwide won’t happen and Holier Than Thou UK distributor goes into liquidation and the band’s UK tour is a complete disaster with five out of the nine venues booked cancelling the shows.

The song “No Reason” is featured on the Terrorizer cover mount CD. “Nothing Changes” is re-released by Holier Than Thou and Solitary tour the UK in December to promote their debut album for the last time, before returning to their rehearsal studio as a three piece to write the follow up to "Nothing Changes"
June 2000

After a break of 6months the band decide it’s time to find a replacement for Matt who left at Christmas with shows booked for August the new guitarist Stuart Armriding has his work cut out to be ready in time. The web site is uploaded onto the net and the band completes two tracks for their second album. Initial views on the new line up are encouraging a number of people commenting it is the best they’d ever seen the band.

Nearly two years after the initial release of “Nothing Changes” the prospect of another line up change looms. It becomes clear that new guitarist Stuart Armriding, isn’t the right replacement for Matt both the band and Stuart agree to part company. With no gigs booked the band decide to take their time picking their next member.

After narrowing down thirty applicants to four auditions. Solitary announces their new guitarist Paul Morrison ready for a couple of Christmas shows. After a pretty uneventful year the band intends to tour Europe and the UK in 2001 as well as finish the follow up to "Nothing Changes"
MARCH 2001

Having completed six songs for the follow up to “Nothing Changes” the decision is made to look for a new label as Solitary’s relationship with Holier Than Thou breaks down due to the label’s unprofessional attitude and their commitment toward the band. Three new tracks are recorded in preparation for returning to Assembly Line later on in the year. "Nothing Changes" CDs are given away in Kerrang Evolution Fest goodie bags and Solitary confirm for July’s Nu Titans tour.
MAY 2001

The pre production demo shows that a lot of work is needed to be up to standard for recording, plans to go into the studio are put back as the Nu Titans Tour looms imminently. Within Temptation reaches No 2 in the Peoplesound metal charts and the other 3 downloads off "Nothing Changes" all reach the top 10.
JULY 2001

Three years after joining Gareth Harrop announces he can no longer continue with the band due to new work arrangements he couldn’t give the commitment he wanted to. Solitary embark on the Nu Titans tour sponsored by Rocksound magazine. Matthew Costello (former lead guitarist) ends up playing bass for the departed Gaz on the final show of the tour in Hartlepool which the band play as a three piece, due to Paul Morrison’s departure two days before the show.

Gareth’s replacement is announced Dave Marshall from Blackpool joins on bass Solitary’s luck takes another down turn as their scheduled TV debut is cancelled due to terrorist attacks in America meaning the full program couldn’t be filmed. And the upcoming support on the UK leg of the Flotsam and Jetsam tour is also postponed because of the US terrorist attacks. Matthew Costello rejoins on a temporary basis until a permanent lead guitarist is found.

The band returns to Assembly Line Studio three years after the initial release of Nothing Changes. Confident that their new songs will finally get them the recognition they deserve although Matthews departure is imminent spirits are high within the band the basic tracks are laid down with the vocals and solo’s to be completed in the new year, it’s clear that despite all the line up problems the band have improved drastically over the last three years.
MARCH 2002

Having finally given up on Nothing Changes as a promotional tool Solitary are shocked to find out the song A Second Chance is at the top of the mp3 metal Charts and is number 5 in the overall UK downloads charts. Having been downloaded on average two thousand times per month they are positioned at number 12 in the Global mp3 charts above the likes of Elton John, Anastasia and Creed. Finally a new lead guitarist is found in the shape of Gaz Williams but due to producer Pete Knight’s other recording commitments the band have been unable to finish the songs they started before Christmas meaning Gaz affirms his position in the band recording the solos for Spineless and I See Nothing, proving although it took six months to find a replacement for Paul Morrison it was well worth the wait.

Gaz Williams shocks the band by suddenly announcing he wishes to leave the band having only performed one live show this puts Solitary on the back foot some what the decision is made to continue as a three piece until a suitable replacement is found.
May 2003

Solitary play two shows in Bolton and Bradford as a three piece and also audition new guitarist Andy Mellor from Stalybridge in Cheshire.
October 2003

Solitary embark on their first UK tour for three years 9 dates in show the band that things have changed somewhat over the last three years, Gigs in London, Bradford, Stoke and Hull fail to pull more than 15 people between them. It's also apparent that the a lot of effort is needed by certain parties to reach the same standards as the rest of the band.
MARCH 2004

A week of much metal Casket music agree to re release Nothing Changes over the last year the entirety of the original pressing has been sold. Solitary have also been clocking up a phenomenal number of downloads of " Within Temptation and " A Second Chance" via the MP3 Charts website. Solitary join fellow Casket Music Metallers Lipid from Denmark on a Short UK Tour taking in the delights of Kendal and Rochdale as well as a Hometown show.
APRIL 2004

After headlining The Monsters of Metal show at Bolton's Alma Inn Dave Marshall and Solitary part company three days before the band are due to record the bonus tracks for the Nothing Changes re release. Dave is immediately replaced by Mike Park who gets to work on learning all the Solitary back catalogue.
JUNE 2004

The band return to Pete Knights Assembly Line Studio's to record new versions of " Once Betrayed" from their 1st Demo "Desolate" and "Breakdown" off the FEAR demo as well as Sacred Reich's " The American Way".

Roy lays down the drum tracks for the follow up to the soon to be released " Nothing Changes" with half of the album still requiring lyrics it's unlikely that another session will take place until next year.

Guitarist Andy Mellor is rushed into Oldham Hospital and spends the next 6 weeks in hospital recovering from a serious operation as a result it's unlikely that Andy will be able to pay a guitar until January 05 at the earliest. "Nothing Changes" is released by Casket Music a division of Copro Records. April 2005

Solitary play their first shows with Mike gigs in Bolton and Hull sees the band perform new material off their forth coming album and a renewed optimism on the gigging front as both venues are well attended in comparison to some of the 2003 tour dates.
June 2005

The band hit the road again playing shows in Barrow, Liverpool, Preston and Hull. Without a doubt one of the finest shows of their career takes place on 11th June 2005 in Liverpool at the extreme metal night Whiplash sadly it's likely to be one of the last shows put by the whiplash crew due to a downturn in attendances if it is the fianl show Solitary certainly signed it off in style for them.
October 2005

With gigs booked in Bolton and Hull Drummer Roy Miller damages his back and the band are forced to cancel all shows and put rehearsals on hold until the new year
June 2006

At the turn of the decison is made that the focus must now remain on the follow up to Nothing Changes, Andy, Rich and Mike spent 7 days at Assembley Line tracking the bass and guitars for the new Album.
September 2006

Rich begins the recording the vocals, adopting a different style to previous outings time it's clear that the band are heading in a heavier direction. Sessions take place over a four month period.
March 2007

Lead Guitarist Andy Mellor snaps his arm in two places, following an arm wrestling match to Angel of Death in a local pub subsequently no reshearsals take place until late September.
January 2008

Pete Knight due to potential hearing damage cannot mix the new material. The band approach Nick Hemmingway who sets about mixing the material in late March.
March 2008

Solitary return to the live scene again with a couple of gigs at the Alma in Bolton
August 2008

"Requiem" is complete and will be released on 27th October, but their is more heartache as the pressing plant refuses to press the CD due to the content of the intro to Predator. A soundclip from a 1979 Newsreal about the Yorksire Ripper Murders causes all the problems, thankfully Nick Hemingway saves the day and writes a string intro to replace it.
September 2008

Solitary shoot thier first promo video for "Keep Your Enemies Closer" Stan Havard of visual Concepts doing the honours.
October 2008

"Requiem" is released, the press reaction is superb Kerrang giving it KKK stating "it's something of a suprise that the band have yet to make more of a name for themsevles, since this is definitley metal of a decent calibre"
November 2008

The Metal Radio stations pick up on "Requiem" the highlight being Bruce Dickenson playing "Into The Pit" on his show. Total Rock and Diva Satanica play a couple of tracks as does the overflow and Darkwave. Pure Metal gives it 3.5/5 Daheshia in Italy rave about the album as do Dead Earnest buthte review of the month comes from Concrete Web who give it 98/100 sating it one of his favourite Albums of the genre this year.
December 2008

Rocksound give "Requiem" 7 out of 10 and state "Fuck this is good, Solitary won't be alone for long" a bold statement only time will tell if it comes true. The boys play a hometown show at the venue their first headline gig in Preston for five years a decent turnout makes the wait worthwhile. Sadly the final gig of the year at the Soundhouse in Bolton is a shambles and the only time in their 14 years that they leave a venue without playing.
January 2009

"Keep Your Enemies Closer" appears on Terrorizer's covermount CD and the magazine also say that "This could now be Solitary's time" and state that "Requiem is as hard as a bag of nails to the back of the head".

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The 1st post!

Album number 3 is well on it's way to completion, were currently in our studio tracking rough demo's of our newest material all in preparation for recording the final product sometime later this year.

Were also doing our first show in over a year this April at Moses Gate in Bolton, it's a very special show as not only is it our bassist's 1st ever gig with us, we also have some very special guests playing with us.


Were going to be posting regular blog updates from now on, documenting our recording and rehearsing process, which will include a few video's and maybe even snippets of material were going to be thrashing your ear's with later this year!!

make sure you follow us on Facebook and Twitter so that you never miss a thing